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The Highest Quality Concrete Dog Kennel Sealers, Dyes, Etcher, Odor Remover & Cleaner

We supply the best environmentally friendly concrete sealers, dyes, cleaner, odor remover and etcher for dog kennel floors and runs all over the world.

Most dog owners have experienced the overpowering unpleasant smell that greets them when they enter a kennel. The smell does not necessarily mean that the kennel is not clean or maintained regularly, but is more of an indication of the condition of the concrete base which traps the smells within its porous structure. This problem can be avoided by using a high quality penetrating concrete  sealer to repel the urine and excrement at the surface. It is important to use a penetrating sealer rather than a topical coating like paints and epoxies which can get slippery when wet and inevitably peel off the surface.

Our penetrating concrete sealers fall in two different categories which are commonly known as densifiers or hardeners and urine and excrement repellent finishes. Both products are odorless and are DIY type products which are easy to apply with a low pressure sprayer or medium nap roller to produce a non-slip natural (invisible) appearance.

Our densifier/hardener product is Dog Kennel Sealer X-1 which can be used on dog kennel floors, runs and walls. It will improve stain and urine resistance of the concrete while increasing its abrasion and crush resistance making the floor less susceptible to dusting and physical damage. Our urine and excrement repellent sealer is Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 which is an impregnating silicone polymer that can be applied to the kennel floor either on its own or on top of Dog Kennel Sealer X-1. This product will repel any urine or excrement that falls onto the floor allowing time for them to be cleaned up without staining the floor.

If you want to add color to your kennel we also have a range of 20 different colored Dog Kennel Dyes which can be used to produce any type of design that you desire and are applied before the Dog Kennel Sealer X-3. We also offer a concentrated Dog Kennel Cleaner for daily use a Dog Kennel Odor Remover and a Dog Kennel Etcher which is applied to low porosity concrete before the sealers.

Our Dog Kennel Sealers will make your dog a lot happier by eliminating harmful bacteria, reducing skin irritation from alkaline concrete. They will also make you happier by reducing odors, making clean up a lot easier and extending the life of your concrete dog kennel floors and runs.

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