Colored Dog Kennel Sealer X-3


Water Based – Concrete Repellent Finish

Non-slip and Invisible


Colored Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 is a special blend of polysiloxanes that crosslink below the surface of the concrete. This makes the kennel floor urine and excrement repellent and allows easier removal. This sealer is either applied alone or on top of Dog Kennel Sealer X-1. This provides double protection of the kennel floor with both deep sealing and a repellent finish.

Colored Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 leaves a natural invisible finish (no sheen) after application and the surface will not be slippery. It is a ready-to-use sealer and does not require the addition of an activator which means that it does not have a limited pot life unlike some competitive sealers and it has a shelf life of at least 6 months.


Colored Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 is easy to apply using a brush, medium nap roller or low-pressure sprayer at any temperature between 40 and 80°F. The surface does not need any special treatment but it must be oil and dust free to allow proper penetration of the sealer. Test this with a droplet of water on the concrete which should absorb readily within 20-30 seconds. If it does not, then treat with Dog Kennel Etcher prior to sealer application. It will cover approximately 200 to 400 sf/gal/app depending on the concrete porosity. Apply two coats rather than one thick coat. Typically a 5-gallon pail will seal 700-800sf of poured concrete using the two required applications.

This Sealer has been applied to only the left-hand side of this concrete tile. Water poured onto the tile and rolled off the treated side onto the paper below. Whereas, on the untreated side the water was readily absorbed by the concrete.

Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 has been applied only to the right-hand side of this paver. Colored water poured into the pipe and was able to leak out of the pipe into the paver as shown below.

Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 Leak testing

Dog Kennel Sealer X-3 is also perfect for use in
concrete ponds, pools, holding tanks and water features.

Stone Technologies Corp services receive A+ BBB Rating

Stone Technologies Corp services have received an A+ BBB Rating


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