Dog Kennel Cleaner


Water Based and Odorless


Dog Kennel Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner which is used to clean and maintain dog kennels and runs. This cleaner will clean up urine, excrement, oils, greases, dirt and grime. Removal of all surface residues is the critical first step in any project before applying the Dog Kennel Sealer X-1 or Dog Kennel Sealer X-3.

Dilute Dog Kennel Cleaner with water at 100:1 for light duty cleaning, 10:1 for normal cleaning and 5:1 for heavy duty cleaning. Also, use without dilution, if necessary, for stubborn stains.

When used undiluted Dog Kennel Cleaner will clean approximately 100-200 sf/gal. At 50:1 dilution it will clean 5,000-10,000 sf /gal. For easy dilution and application, apply with a pressure washer and then rinse off thoroughly. If stubborn stains persist, pour cleaner directly on to the stain and then worked in with a stiff brush for 10 minutes and then rinsed off. Even when used undiluted this cleaner will not cause any damage to the concrete. This is because it is not acidic unlike other cleaners based on muriatic acid which actually dissolve the concrete to remove the stains.

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